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Old Wives Tales

Wendy Merendini
Tammy wrote:
"...2 less vertebras for stronger back, two less ribs"

It is an old wives tale that Arabs have less vertebraes
or ribs than other breeds.  I am not sure who would ever
have come up with such silliness as that.  When you look
at it logically it makes no sense that Arabs would be 
different than other breeds, and if they ARE different 
then why do not some TBs have one less rib/vertebrae?  
They did use the Arab in the creation the TB.

As far as a short back, many Warmbloods are short backed.
I have never heard anyone say they possessed less ribs
or vertebras.... 

I took a one week college class given by Deb Bennet, she
sure had some caustic remarks to make about that one!

Wendy Merendini

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