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Re: RC: questions with foals....

In a message dated 3/29/00 6:48:27 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< My question is this-the vet suggested that I pony her on rides with a 
saddle-to get her used to carrying weight and especially, to strengthen her 
back.  What do you all think of this?  I would not have thought to put weight 
on her back until she was much older; Deb Bennet reccomends to wait until 
they have full growth.>>

I don't see any point in putting "weight" on their backs at this age, but a 
light saddle hardly constitutes weight and is a great way to get the 
youngster used to "wearing" something, etc.
 <<Also, my comming 4 year old filly (Arab) is about 14.2 barely.  The vet 
felt she would not grow in height any more, but the breeder, and another 
breeder claim their Arabs grow until age 10.  Any ideas on this. the vet was 
fairly adamant that once the growth plates are closed, thats it for the 
height.  This mare still looks pretty immature and somewhat downhill in 
conformation, though both parents are over 15 hands. >>

She may or may not.  I think growing until 10 is an exaggeration, but it is 
not unheard of for Arabs to grow until 8, and fairly common for them to grow 
until 6 or 7.  Especially if she is still immature, as you state, some more 
growth is not out of the question!


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