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trailer issues.

quick 2c worth. start them young. My riding buddy would feed her colt out of 
the trialer so Momma wouldn't hog his food. He would hop right into the 
trailer with no problems! Now will load and unload like a perfect 
gentleman.. well there was the incident where he didn't want to leave his 
pasture once.. but buddy quickly fixed his problem.
Sure am glad to see all the posts on this issue as to figure out my next 
trailer since I sold mine for down payment on new house... I am not sure 
wether to be happy or sad. gonna miss that trailer..yep I cried when buyer 
showed up to get it.
Carla (getting ready to build new fences in two weeks..)
Ansata (Mom um I will be glad to check that tension for you)
Haley (did you see the size of that charger she is gonna use? can you say 
light up my life? and give me a perm?)
Rob (honey.. where do you want me to put this 2million volt electric fence 
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