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Re: RC: FW:Request For Help/Info

In a message dated 03/29/2000 3:40:47 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< She's almost 4y.o., and gray, but was born chestnut, and has dark
 and skin.  In New Mexico, melanoma is considered a real risk with light
 horses. >>

As far as I know, most, if not all, grey horses have dark skin.  Melanoma, as 
I've been told, is more common in grey horses than in other colors.  However, 
a grey mare that boards here has had large melanomas under her tail for 
several years and gradually they have disappeared.  Don't know why, but they 
have just shrunk. And this is CA, on the coast.  As for protection, I have no 
knowledge in that area.


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