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Re: RC: safe loading in a slant load

I have a slant load (made by Moritz) that I absolutely love! My tack room is 
in the front. The wall that separates the tack room from the rest of the 
trailer unhooks and opens to make a big roomy trailer for 3 horses or for 
sleeping in. My mare always backed out in a panic with other trailers but now 
when loaded, she knows to move sideways so she can see what's happening in 
the back. No more backing out. The only problem is the big door that swings 
shut or open (almost breaking the back light). I'm looking for a way to keep 
that door open when I need it to stay open. Any ideas? I'm also interested in 
the sky hooks because my mare panics when tied to the trailer. She'll back up 
and keep going till she gets loose. Anyone have this problem? Deb

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