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Re: RC: High Standards on the TRAIL

In a message dated 3/28/00 8:09:39 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< Well, those high standards will go far toward making your horse last 
 helping him to realize his actual potential, keeping him sound, etc.  It may 
 also save your hide in a pinch, when he is responsive enough to maneuver 
 around a wreck or stop, instead of plowing in and crashing.

     That "saving your hide in a pinch" is such a REAL necessity in 
endurance.  I can't count the number of times I have seen riders/horses hurt 
(particularly on technically difficult rides) where immediate and clear 
"horse to rider" and "rider to horse" pre-communication could have helped in 
its avoidance altogether.
    "Horse to Rider" in that horse's do and will continue to sent subtle 
alert signals to the rider as to oncoming situations....that "spookiness" so 
many talk about USUALLY is a horse's "pre-communication" gone ignored.
    "Rider to Horse in that seat and legs are for more than "holding on".  I 
have found that if I ride alertly and "pre-communicate" a coming 
aid/cue/reinforcement with a seat or legs into soft, firm hands MOST horses 
can be "guided" into a quiet area to prepare to negotiate an upcoming AEI 
(Adverse Equine Incident).
    Sorry to go on so, just one more thing I feel strongly about.

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