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Hi Julie,
I have read in a few magazines over the years that the reason the trailers
are designed with the horses facing the center of the road has to do with
the way the road is banked and the balance of the horses being directly
related to this factor. I believe the latest article that mentioned this was
in Practical Horseman. Anyone out there remember reading this?
Pat Super

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> Bob and I have a three horses slant load trailer-Featherlite.  When we
> ordered it, I requested that they reverse the floor plan...i.e. head
> the right or curb side of the trailer, rear toward the road.  I just
> see why it was necessary for my horses to face the road with all the
> big-rig's,  diesel fumes, etc. passing  inches from their noses  And of
> course at night, into the headlights.  So our horses face the scenery on
> right side of the road.  If we have to stop and check on them, we do it
> the curb side and do not have to go out on to the traffic side of the
> trailer.  The dealer told me nobody had ever suggested that before and he
> assumed they slanted to the left because when leading a horse you usually
> on the near side.  But it is simple to teach your horse to lead from
> side and it has never been any problem loading them leading from the right
> side.   Of course, we had to pay extra even though  I told them all they
> to do was take the blueprints and reverse them.   I like the slant loads
> with this reverse plan, our horses never face oncoming traffic.    Julie
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