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Training a newbie

Well this is not actually a question but more of a survey, or actually some
views from some realy knowledgable people (ok, everyone feeling good now!
I wrote about my gelding and his back injury which has him out of endurance
for at least two years if not permanently. So I have taken a prospective
broodmare to ride in the meantime or if necessary until my yearling arab
colt is old enough.
She is 5 years old (six in october) 16hh with a beautiful long stride and
quite a light frame, oops sorry she is a pure appaloosa (only appaloosa for
about the first 4 generations, definately no arab in there).
Up to this year she has had weekly dressge lessons and jumping occassionaly
for fun as well as hacks out at a walk and trot only (mostly walking for
about 1-2 miles at the most).
I have now started training her for the last 3 months for a 30 mile ride in
mid april (at I feel a reasonable pace, this training regime has always
worked for me fine in the past) 2 times a week riding out for an hour at a
time doing trotting and walking with not more than a 200 metre stretch of
cantering on each ride, weekends I do about a 4 hour ride on the saterday
mostly walking, a few good stretches of trotting and minimul cantering
(actually the most we have ever cantered out has been about 1/2 mile stretch
which we did on sunday) and the same on sundays. She has been managing it
fine with a pulse of 54 after 5 minutes after a good 1/2 hour trot (nice
strong trot), sorry I cannot be more technical but I do not have a heart
rate monitor and am not to good at keeping accurate records, this pulse was
taken by a friend when we stopped at their house which is about a 1/2 trot
from us. She is eating grate, showing no soreness or puffiness after rides
and looks forward to the next ride! I am planning on doing a 5 hour 30.
Now...I was told last night that I am pushing her to fast too soon!!! Do any
of you more serious riders (no offence to those riders who think a 5 hour 30
is the best they will ever do!) agree with this, or do you think I can
continue at this pace for the remainder of the year and slowly push her for
better times and distance next year!

Celeste (South Africa)
Mawlud (holidaying for two years)
Shadixx (starting this year too!)
Snowy (whats all the fuss!)

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