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Fence Help

k s swigart

Carla said:

> I just need to know how many posts I will need approximate. 
> It is 150ft across. so if some one can tell me about how many
> feet I should set the posts would be helpful.

Much of this depends on how high your fence is, how many strands
you are planning to put up, how far in to the ground you plan
to put the posts, what you are using and how you plan to set your
corner posts, how much tension you plan to put on the
tape...and how much maintenance you want to perform on an ongoing
basis. :) Oh yeah...and how even is your terrain.

What you (I think) are planning to put up would be a psychological
barrier only, so all you need to concern yourself over is keeping
it from falling down anywhere, keeping it from sagging, keeping
it from shorting.

Depending on these things, you could put the posts from 5'-10'
apart.  The more tension you have on the tape, the less often 
you will need the in-line posts (which is why your corner posts
REALLY matter) and the less often you will need to perform 
maintenance, but if you property goes up and down over hill and
dale, you will need them more often than if it has a constant 
slope (whatever that slope is).

Orange County, Calif.

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