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Re: RC: Re: Fwd: RC: I made a decision w. all your help - THANKYOU

In a message dated 3/27/00 9:22:50 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I'd like to know how to load in a slant without going in with the horse.  I
 like my slant and feel safe in it BUT I have no idea how to load up w/o
 going in.  >>

Same way you do in a straight load two horse.  You can run a lunge line or 
long rope forward to keep the horse directed, and then urge from the back.  
(Don't try to PULL the horse in by the head--that is when they pull back and 
object.)  Only difference is that we don't HAVE to teach them this in a slant 
load, since we CAN walk in easily, so we frequently don't.  But it's a good 
idea, since you never know but what you might have to be trailered in from a 
vet check someday in a straight load...


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