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RE: Fw: Re: simipathy or butt kick

And hasn't every one of us, at one time or another, been an idiot?  Most of
us have been lucky enough that our particular stupidity didn't result in
(near) tragedy  -- it doesn't mean we haven't made the same or similar
mistakes which COULD HAVE.  A more experienced rider may (or may not) have
read the "signs" better and avoided this.

He didn't, he shared, and I respect that.  I will tell you (as I told him
privately), that his posting installment #1 (which was all I saw before
leaving for the New Mexico Renegade Ride) caused me to watch Spirit closer
for differences and possible warning signs.  I became a more aware and safer
rider  - if nothing else was gained by Howard sharing his story, it was
worth it to me.


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Doesn't seem from what you quoted that you have actually learned anything
from this. Yes, what Nancy writes is true, but that doesn't mean you weren't
being an idiot! For goodness sake, Wake Up ! Maybe you should sell your
horse and get into motorcross.
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>   >  >  ,
 .  As Nancy Loving said in her recent article,
> "When you pass a horse on IV at a ride try not to think what an idiot
> that must be, say to yourself, "There but for the grace of God, go I."
> cya,
> Howard
 >  >

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