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Re: RC: Vitamin E

>Vitamin E is very labile-easily destroyed (oxidized)
>when in contact with the air. The Vitamin E/Selenium 
>supplements quickly loose their Vitamin E potency once 
>opened unless the product is stabilized (selenium is a 
>mineral-not destroyed during storage). Hay loses its vitamin 
>E during storage too.
>I suggest using the vitamin E human gel caps-they can be
>put directly into the feed, or, if the horse sifts them 
>out, broken open and the contents poures over the feed.
>Since Fling is picky, I bite off the end of the capsule 
>(hey, that way I get a little vitamin E too!) and squeeze 
>the contents over her feed. I don't supplement regularly,
>though I probably should in the winter. Best natural source 
>of E is fresh grass-therefore if the horses are on pasture, you
>should see their E levels come back up with the spring grass!
>Sarah and Fling (who got a really good 3 hour workout yesterday)


My horses are on hay all year long, so probably need regular Vitamin E
supplementation.  Approximately how many gel caps per day should a horse get?

Thanks for your help.

Suzanne Mounts
Oakland, CA

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