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SW New Mexico Series

Hi All Interested,
The managers of the three rides held in the Gila National Forest are
working together to form a series:
TALL PINES - May 28, 2000   (this year is 20 yrs for this ride)
SCORPION STING  - Sept. 16, 2000
BURRO MTN. CHALLENGE  - Oct. 14, 2000
We need a name for the series, so we're having a contest!!! The winner
will be announced at Tall Pines and more details about the series will
be available.  This series is meant to be fun and a personal challenge.
It is open to both distances and we're not awarding placings (time won't
be considered). An award will be given to each horse/rider team (must
be the same horse/rider and the same distance) that complete all three
PRIZE: Free Ride entry to each ride in the series in 2000
1)  Be creative
2)  No limit on entries
"More Hills & Rocks Then You'll ever want to see Again"  (Does this give
you some idea of the kind of country you will be riding in??)
"Nine Purring Bosses" (this incorporates all the letters from the 3 ride
"Tall Stinger Challenge Award"
"Tri Iron Horse Challenge"
"Gila Ironhorse Triathalon"
These are just some examples and you can be as silly or as serious as
you want but if we like your name you get free ride entries this
year to these rides. Remember this is just for fun and a personal
challenge as these are three TOUGH rides!!!
or snail mail to:   SW New Mexico Series
                    C/O  Trinkle
                    P.O. Box 798
                    Silver City, NM   88062

Tell all your friends.............

    Check it Out!    

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