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Re: Re: simipathy or butt kick

Though horses may not understand, they certainly are more forgiving us our
errors than we are ourselves.

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
10601 S. Richards Rd.
McBain, Michigan 49657

> From: Nancy Mitts <>
> To:;
> Subject: RC:  Re: simipathy or butt kick
> Date: Friday, March 24, 2000 5:42 PM
> >From:
> Another person on
> >RC wrote to me privately and thought I made the whole story up to get
> >attention or mess with riders' heads or whatever.
> Well Howard,
> Remember back to your first couple stories. The people that raised a fuss

> over some things you said were practically laughed off ridecamp for
> you "too seriously". You were just a storyteller prone to stretching the 
> truth. Your last experience was so much a textbook case of how fast
> can go south, you can't blame some of us for being skeptical. (And no, 
> ridecampers, I was not either of the posters referred to in Howard's last

> post)
> I know from experience horses can get in trouble even when you are trying
> be careful, so you get my sympathy. I think you've also done your own
> kick.
> I hope your story gets through to the people who think it can't happen to

> them. Those of us who have seen this story played out over & over & over
> very frustrated that our past experiences don't seem to sink in to
> There are warning scenarios you can watch out for, even if your horse
> okay.
> Have a good cry with your horse. He'll understand.
> Ride in Peace.
> Nancy Mitts
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