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Re: Insurance fro Sundowner Trailers????

Please post to Ridcamp.  I would really like to know also.  Our insurance
co. won't cover trailers either.

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From: RG Weeks <>
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Sent: Friday, March 24, 2000 4:37 PM
Subject: RC: Insurance fro Sundowner Trailers????

> Ok,you guys & gals out there with Sundowner trailers with living
> quarters,where do you get your Insurance from?
> And how much is the premium?
> I'm trying to purchase a trailer(suppose to pick it up Sat.),my farm
> does not want to cover it. I have a quote of $3000.00 a year,heck that's
> more than my house In.
> I have never had this much trouble Insuring anything.
> HELP!!!!! Glenda Weeks
>           Grant,Al.
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