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Re: RC: Re: ridecamp-d Digest V00 #469

In a message dated 03/24/2000 8:46:29 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< In a message dated 03/23/2000 9:41:39 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
 << Not true around here. I defy you to without a survey to tell from the 
  the ownership among BLM, US Forest, State Forest, State Game Land, private
  inholdings in any of the above, private timber property (most of which is
  open to recreational use), and bordering private property and to know under
  what circumstances the private property may have access agreements allowing
  access to public property.  >>
 Ah, yes, well I was referring to our area only.  Sorry, I shouldn't have 
 allowed my post to sound so generalized.

Correction, I shouldn't have allowed my post to sound so location specific.


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