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Re: RC: Re: Dance Line

Those of you who have NEVER made a mistake of judgement that has caused your horse (dog, cat, significant other, child, houseplant, your neighbor, someone on the freeway, anyone or anything else, ever, on this planet) to suffer, please contact heaven - there must be some mistake with your still being here on earth, stuck with the rest of us who are learning. 

Unless your lesson is, of course, to learn not to judge. 

One of my mistakes of judgement will be 27 years old next month & has spent almost 20  years lollygagging around our property.  He's alive, happy, without pain, but I ruined him for endurance & I've been afraid to ever ride him any distance away from safety or an emergency horse trailer.  In my case it was ignorance, not a error in judgement or even the overenthusiasm of competition, but what matters is that it happened to him:  It wasn't by his choice but mine. 

And he wasn't the only mistake I made, just the most serious.

Lif (feeling serious & sanctimonious today - would be cheerier if the sun would shine)

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