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Re: RC: private property

In a message dated 03/22/2000 8:07:39 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  I asked my friend if when he has a
 house and a backyard, he would like to walk out his backdoor and come upon
 a couple of people just hanging out, enjoying his grass and shade?  He said
 that it was completely different because there wasn't anybody who lived
 right around there >>

I've often used this concept when I think about people trespassing on our 
ranch without permission.  I'm sure they wouldn't want me to trespass in 
their backyard.  Although the area they are trespassing may be 3/4 mile from 
our house, it is still OUR backyard.  The difference between city and country 
is the size of our backyards.

Actually, it's not the using of our property for hiking or riding that 
bothers me, it's their assumption that they have the right to do so without 
asking first.  I guess I'm just territorial, just like many animals are.


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