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Re: RC: Dance Line

I'm sorry.  But we have all ragged on was kinda
fun.  But, I have a feeling that he knew what the sport was
about.  We don't know what happened to Dance Line.  Should
the worst have happened, Howard has to be in the deepest
despair and doesn't want to hear what you just said.

Everytime we get on these animals, we take a risk.  No one
knows what is going to happen, it is up to the fates.
Fortunately, disaster doesn't strike too many of us too
often.  For which I am personally grateful for.

I didn't get the impression that Howard was racing the
entire 50 miles.  He said he would for a loop or two if
Angie was there...she wasn't.  I have a feeling he was
conservative on his ride.  But, I wasn't there, so I don't
know how he rode his ride.

We all have a 'Angie' that we want to beat, that is what
keeps us competitive.  Without that, we wouldn't have a
sport.  And personally, I didn't read anything in Howard's
e-mail that suggested he knew the horse was going to didn't appear that he decided not to pull it
because he wanted to beat someone.  You are right,
hopefully, we won't to experience it.  But if I do, the one
group who understands most, I would want to write to them
and tell them about my experience.  There is no way, I would
want to receive a response such as yours.

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