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camelbaks and such

I need help in the memory department..... I have seen a water setup
similar to CamelBak but not that brand (and not Platypus either) that
had a 70oz or so tank and it had a waist strap like the CamelBak Mules
and larger ones. But on the waist strap it had two zippered pockets like
a normal waist pack.

I really liked the looks of it as I want to carry stuff on me but don't
want to have it all behind me like in a CamelBak Mule and don't like the
CamelBak + a waistpack I'm using now.

Anyway, my problem is I can't figure out where I saw it - I have
searched every catalog at the house and every outdoor gear site I can
think of - no luck.

Anyone out there know what I'm talking about and better yet know where
they saw it? 


Tina who is having a major brain cramp on this

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