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Re: [Fwd: RC: Re: HRM most used features?]

This sounds so great!  How much do these things cost, and where can I find

> From: Wolfgang Schwingenheuer <>
> To: ridecamp <>
> Subject: RC:  [Fwd: RC:   Re: HRM most used features?]
> Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2000 6:05 AM
> schrieb:
> > > The neat thing is to get the computer interface and software for the
> > watch and then you have a graph of the entire workout.
> >
> > ti
> Hi Tom and others,
> yes, this is really some great stuff. I use the Polar Accurex plus and
> interface for up to two years now. Before that I tried to keep track of
all the
> data and write them down - not easy after a whole day in the sun ;-). Now
> the computer you can have a look at your previous data, you can compare a
> typical training-ride (IT, for example) with former ones to really see
what you
> feel - an improvement of your horse. You can also compare the actual
> with the fitness one year ago to have an idea if you are on the right
way. On
> rides where you are allowed to keep the saddle on the horse it is very
> interesting to have the graph of the complete ride - or to see where
> came up.
> If you like to see some graphs, please email me and I send you some
> Wolfgang + Ninja 11 (Hey dad, you know how fit I am, but how can I know
of you?)
> Germany
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