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Prescriptive Rights

Its been about 15 years since I've done much in the Trails field....and most of my work was spreading the word about how to overcome physical obstacles re: trail continuation....Anyone interested in the tapes I did could contact Video Velocity, Box K,
Virginia City, Nevada...89440.  Mechanics of a Trail System, Trails for Today and Tomorrow and the Walnut Creek Story all have a lot of answers. 
My understanding of prescriptive rights ...which is somewhat that it is not used to barge in on private is when the land is sold or that land use is changed that it may be called into play...and usually it is a negotiating tool.  Hulet Hornbeck in Martinez, Calif was one of the masterminds of the East Bay Regional Park District which could serve as a model for the Nation....he didn't barge onto anyone's property...but worked with owners...bought...leased and anything else necessary agreeable to all parties to make that super trail and open space system work.  He is a master at it...and should be considered a resource to interested parties.
Incidentally, Video Velocity phone is 1 800 284-3362....
Much of my tape series deals with the good things Hulet accomplished for EBRPD.
Sharon Saare

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