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Re: Re: Re: Horseshoes???

Dear Sandy;
Ain't that the truth?  I've become aware that lots of lamenesses originate
from saddle pain and pinching rather than the feet.

>seems to me one of the most perturbing aspects of being a farrier...would
>taking the blame every time a horse goes over-rides
>horse...horseis off--rider blames bad shoeing......
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>From: Maggie Mieske <>
>To: diane knapper <>
>Cc: John Bass <>; <>
>Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2000 8:08 AM
>Subject: RC: Re: Horseshoes???
>> Your farrier does sound much like Nelson...he becomes very perturbed when
>> people notice a problem and don't let him know about it right away.  As
>> much as we appreciate the "we know you're coming soon and we'll take care
>> of it then" attitude, he feels as if people aren't being up front with
>>  They get chewed out, too.  But that is an exception, I think.  There are
>> folks that we like so much, we will always be loyal to them because they
>> have shown us the same loyalty and respect.  We won't ever be too busy
>> them.  But there are some that I can't wait to be honest,
>> good clients is almost as hard as finding a good farrier.  Bad stuff
>> happens to farriers sometimes and they can have a bad day...they are
>> too.  But they have to maintain a business and customer relations is as
>> high on the list as skill at what they do (I think so anyway!).
>> Maggie Mieske
>> Mieske's Silver Lining
>> 10601 S. Richards Rd.
>> McBain, Michigan 49657
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>> > From: diane knapper <>
>> > To: Maggie Mieske <>
>> > Cc: John Bass <>;
>> > Subject: Re: RC:   Re: Horseshoes???
>> > Date: Monday, March 20, 2000 10:35 PM
>> >
>> > Maggie;
>> >
>> > I have a feeling that Brandon is a lot like Nelson.  More
>> > than willing to answer questions.  My fear comes from a
>> > farrier that I felt was good...but when my horse started to
>> > wing...told me he always did it.  He apparently did not like
>> > being told that he may have done something wrong.  OK, face
>> > reality, we are all human and make mistakes.  He was what I
>> > considered a competent farrier out in Las Vegas, but the
>> > minute I called him and told him what was going on....he
>> > refused to come out and correct the problem.  Said my horse
>> > had always done that and it was my imagination.  Did I get
>> > the guy out of the yellow pages????  Absolutely not, he was
>> > referred by several good friends.  One of them told me, that
>> > he was going thru a very bad divorce, and maybe he just had
>> > an off day..then also said, by the way, don't tell him he
>> > did anything wrong...he doesn't like that.  First mistake, I
>> > told him he did something wrong, because my horse had never
>> > winged in his life.  Thank god, it was common to ride the
>> > desert in bell boots and sport boots, otherwise, I wouldn't
>> > have had an ankle left on either front foot based on what
>> > the bell boots looked like after a casual ride.  Needless to
>> > say, I got a new farrier after that and was very happy with
>> > him.  But it sure set a poor taste in my mouth about
>> > questionning my farrier.  I had one when I moved to MN that
>> > I thought was great.  Guess what, I threw 4 shoes in 4 weeks
>> > and couldn't get him to call me back.  Well, I have to admit
>> > after the first 3 phones calls, my messages got nasty.  Did
>> > he deserve it -- you bet.  I paid a price for service well
>> > done with a guarantee.  All of a sudden that guarantee means
>> > nothing and the money I spent was gone.  I had to pay
>> > someone else to first pull one back shoe and then the other
>> > front shoe before I found a new farrier.   Are all farriers
>> > like this...god, I hope not.  Brandon has done Phoenix for 2
>> > years and I couldn't be happier.  Last fall, he was talking
>> > about cutting down his territory...I asked him what happened
>> > if I moved out of the specific area.  His reply was that he
>> > would always do Phoenix no matter where I lived...he enjoyed
>> > spending time with both of us.  I truly hope I can believe
>> > his statement.  Because I tell you what, I don't want to go
>> > thru finding another good farrier.  Like Branddon, who when
>> > my horse started clipping himself 4 weeks into a shoe job
>> > and I decided to wait the extra 1.5 weeks to tell him about
>> > it...I got chewed out.  His exact words where if that
>> > happens again, call me immediately.  Brandon has been very
>> > good and he is very concerned about the horse.  I guess I
>> > could say that he is "MN Nice"...but you know, I'm trying to
>> > stay away from becoming too Minnesotan<vbg>
>> > Diane
>> >
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