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dressage trainer

> I started taking dressage lessons with her
and > asking for light contact.  Within 3 months of lessons, I have
gotten > "bronc'd" off twice. 

Kaboot and I have had ONE dressage lesson ever... and it's the ONLY time
he's ever bucked (that includes being trained to a crupper).  I can
guarantee that no real trainer would consider him trained... or even
"broke" for that matter.  He hated the circles, he was ticked off at the
leg yeilds (though they have come in handy and it was worth the price of
the lesson just for learning that)... anyway he did buck, and he also was
a little off the next week, which he'd never been after a 50 miler... and
I believe he'd done 4 at that point.
He actually knows his leads, has beautiful extended walk, and trot, his
canter is O.K. after the first 25 miles >g< He carries himself decently
(though I'm sure his center of gravity is probably about 20 yards ahead
of his nose a lot of the time).  Sometimes when you see they hate grammar
school ya just got to skip on to college.
Why don't you just jump on that horse, get in a line, get a little out of
control and have some fun for a change?


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