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Re: Re: Horse slaughter

> In most areas, mobile butchers will come for the injured cow, killing her
> right where she stands, so she doesn't have to ride ANYWHERE.  I think we
> have two such services here.  That slaughter solution is NOT available for
> horses in this country--although I was intrigued when Heather stated that
> that was an option in some areas of Europe.
I don't think I could bear for anyone to eat Suni, but I do agree that once
any animal, human included, is dead, he/she is dead and what happens next is
no concern to the dead animal or person.  My wish is that my horses die at
home.  If a butcher were to come to the house to do it, that would be fine
with me.  I don't care how it is done, when it has to be done, as long as it
is done quickly and quietly, without terrorizing either the horse who dies
or the others who don't.
As far as auctions go, people should not delude themselves that the horse is
not really at risk.  And many very good horses do end up at feedlots.
Rhonda has a friend who is dying and is trying to find good homes for her
horses.  I can really identify with that but I'm not helping and probably a
lot of the rest of us aren't.  If we all do the best we can, that's about as
much as we can ask.
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