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Jose Dantes' Requiem

tom sites
Jose was bought from the livestock auction for $175.  The meat man quit the bidding at $170.  He was my first horse and a runaway.  It wasn't until years later did i see why.  His tongue was almost cut off from someone who tried to stop him.  He became somewhat trained w/a hackamore but Jose was never broke.Jose and i came to the valley long before the Old Dominion did and rode the mts. and fields to the accompyment of Bruces 'Born to Run'.  After 2 years together we started our first horse event in 1976.  Jose finished the Great American Horse Race in 28th place.  In 1977 we started and finished the OD with 15 minutes to spare.  We trained hard for the OD in 1979 but it was a killer day of high heat and humidity.  We finished Calvary that year w/ 30 minutes to spare.  He did numerous 50's and LD w/ limited success later on.  He taught any number of people to ride.  Never a win on Jose or even a BC. The thought that he started at the top of adventure and finished will always stay w/ me as i pass his grave in my pet cemetary.  This is Jose Dantes' Requiem.  tom sites

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