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It seems that my bad luck may be running out. Hopefully I will have some 
good luck setting in. I still won't uncross the fingers tho'.
I just sold my trailer. I won't need it for a long time so instead of the 
tires rotting off I sold it to my friend who uses it more than me. She just 
has to move my horses to Kentucky for me. I will miss it much but we got our 
offer accepted on a NEW HOUSE! We looked all over Russellville Kentucky to 
find a place to keep our "family... 2 dogs and 2 horses." We looked at 
renting and to be honest with you they could care less about the horses.. it 
was the dogs!!!!
So we looked at buying a house.. we got into great luck the realtor had a 
house near hers that we could keep the horses behind us. On her property. 
She has 171 acres and would lease me 5 really cheap I can change pastures 
Better news... I got my MRI back on my knee. All is well and dandy just have 
to work the hamstrings a bit more and do some step exercises. I had a little 
fluid on the knee from bruising the bone really good. He said it was a 
wonder I didn't break it. I got hard bones! So riding the horse would be 
good exercise for me..YEEAAHHHH!!
We will finally be owners of Our own Domino's Pizza stores April 17th!! We 
are soo excited! Finally we have broken through our bout of bad luck.. with 
a lot of patience and faith we are on our way!
I am not sure who said it but I had crosstitched in a picture when I read 

"faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see."

that line alone has helped me get through some tough times.. I hope you all 
read that and it help you as well.
Carla Lawson..
HazelGreen Alabama...soon to be Russellville Kentucky!
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