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Really good service -- kudos

Last Friday I arrived at the farm where my gelding is boarded and found him
with a vertical cut, about 2.5" long, going down from his left lower eyelid.

[I was going to just clean it out, but then I realized that he was holding
the eye half shut.  Called for the vet.  No damage to the eye was found, but
the vet instructed me to keep a protective ointment on it for five days.
Obviously, it had to be an ointment that won't cause damage if he rubs it
into his eye, and I've provided Maggie with the particulars on what I used.]

The cut was quite deep in the center, and I couldn't/can't put a regular
bridle on him.  For a few days I rode him in the ring with reins clipped
onto his web halter, but I wouldn't dare take him out on the trail in that
set up.

On Tuesday I decided that I was desperate enough to buy another bridle, in a
design that would stay clear of the wound.  I found what I needed on the
websites of a couple of suppliers I've dealt with in the past, but one of
these suppliers was out of town and the other one only had a bridle in a
color that I'd never use again once the wound is healed.  [I wasn't quite
THAT desperate.]

That evening, though I couldn't find what I needed on her website, I called
Corry Clinton at Horses Dacor.  She's come through for me before, and I was
just hoping for a miracle.

Well, evidently Corry can also deliver miracles.  She called her supplier,
they identified the design I was describing, and it was made up and shipped
to me the next day.

Couldn't ask for more!!  Yea, Corry!


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