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Edaran Endurance Classic 2006

Malaysia's premier and most anticipated endurance event is back! The Edaran Endurance Classic is back for its fourth year running after succeeding to catch the interest and attention of international riders in its 2005 event.

The event organized by Edaran Digital Systems Berhad has continued to gain recognition among endurance circles worldwide ever since it was inaugurated in 2003. In 2005, the Event was graced by World Endurance Championship's Gold Medalist HH Sheikh Hazza bin Sultan Al-Nahyan and his brother HH Sheikh Khaled Sultan who were here with the endurance riders of W'rsan Stables of Dubai.

Edaran Endurance Classic 2006 will be held at the grounds of ar-Raudhah Equine Centre, 40 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, from 5-7 May.

The Event this year will feature three competition rides and one non-competitive 15KM guided ride. The main competition ride will be the FEI-CEI 3 Star 120Km Ride, a distance in keeping with the standards of the World Endurance Championship.

A second ride category in the Edaran Endurance Classic 2006 is the 80km Ride, a ride category for endurance riders training for longer distances; while a third category yet, is the 40km Ride, a shorter training ride for newly initiated endurance riders.

A total of RM45,000 in prize money stands to be won.

Endurance Riding - Focus on Malaysia

The sport of endurance riding has taken on greater significance in light of Malaysia being given the prestigious honour by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), the world governing body for equestrian sports, to host the next World Cup of Endurance Riding - the World Endurance Championship 2008 [WEC 2008]. Over the next three years, right up till WEC 2008 in August 2008 endurance riding and Malaysia will become the focus.

"We are tremendously excited by the fact that the WEC 2008 will be held in Malaysia. It is a milestone happening for our country and a major boost for the sport of endurance riding. Endurance riding in Malaysia is different from riding in Europe or the Middle East region; and it presents riders a unique set of challenges in terms of the terrain and weather. We believe that endurance riders, both local and international, aiming to participate in the prestigious WEC 2008 will seek out opportunities in Malaysia to train and build up their endurance skills for the 2008 Event. The Edaran Endurance Classic which has come to be recognized as one of the country's better organized endurance events is one such opportunity," said Dato' Abdul Hamid Mustapha, the Organising Chairman of Edaran Endurance Classic 2006.

"We hope that with the Edaran Endurance Classics, we shall be able to assist in the building up to WEC 2008 by providing the opportunities for Malaysian and international endurance riders to train and familiarize themselves and their horses with the riding conditions in Malaysia," added Dato' Hamid.

Sports Tourism

The Edaran Endurance Classic has raised some degree of international interest and awareness of endurance riding in Malaysia through the publicity of the event since the inaugural event in 2003.

"We believe that like most international sports, endurance riding has the potential to contribute to our country's tourism industry. It is a sport enjoyed by adventurous individuals who are inclined to travel to various ride venues to experience riding in different settings. Malaysia's successful bid to host the WEC 2008 speaks volumes for our country as a recognized venue for world sports events. We have to our country's credit, successfully hosted world sports events as Formula 1, Tour de Langkawi and the Commonwealth Games. This year alone, we have two major world equestrian events scheduled in Malaysia, namely the World Cup Show Jumping Final and the FEI General Assembly, both of which will be taking place over the next week. Such momentum is good for our tourism industry and we hope to be able to play our part in contributing to building up Malaysia as a preferred world sports events venue," said Dato' Hamid Mustapha.

Young Riders

In its continuing efforts to promote the sport of endurance riding among the younger generation, the Edaran Endurance Classic 2006 will feature a Young Riders Category - a non-competitive guided ride over a distance of 15km, within the grounds of ar-Raudhah Equine Centre.

"The sport of endurance riding is ideal as a sport to promote appreciation of the environment as well as the disciplines of respect and perseverance among our young people. We hope that many more young enthusiasts will join us this year to try out this healthy and noble sport," said Dato' Hamid.

Edaran Digital Systems Berhad and Endurance Riding

The Edaran Endurance Classic is an event organized and sponsored by Edaran Digital Systems Berhad, a company involved in the provision of systems integration services and smart technology solutions. The Company has chosen to champion the promotion and development of the sport of endurance riding in Malaysia because Edaran Digital Systems Berhad identifies and shares the core values and qualities of the sport, namely discipline, respect and perseverance. As a Company that believes in the corporate duty of contributing and giving back to the society, Edaran Digital System has chosen to do so through bringing this healthy and enjoyable sport to more Malaysians through the Edaran Endurance Classic events.

Pivotal Support of The Equestrian Fraternity

As in the previous years. the support and assistance of Malaysia's equestrian fraternity especially the Equestrian Association of Malaysia (EAM), the Malaysian Endurance Riders Society (MERS) Malaysian Equine Council (MEM) as well as the encouragement and support of the Ministry of Sports have been pivotal to the organization of the Edaran Endurance Classic.

"We want to especially thank the EAM, MERS and the MEM for providing us with the assistance and support without which we would not have been able to organize the event with a good degree of success over the last three years of its running. The support of the fraternity is crucial in a sport that requires us to follow the strict statutes and regulations of the FEI.. Indeed it is our hope that we will continue to receive the commitment of all these bodies so that together we can successfully and effectively build up the sport of endurance riding in Malaysia. We believe Malaysia's hosting of the WEC 2008 will give the sport the much needed push and impetus to bring it to a higher level of participation and sporting excellence in Malaysia," said Dato' Hamid Mustapha.

Edaran Endurance Classic 2006 - Programme

The Edaran Endurance Classic 2006 will begin with final registration of participants and veterinary check of the horses on Friday, 5 May.

The main competition ride, the 120KM will be flagged off the following day, Saturday, 6 May at 10.30 pm followed by the flag -off of the 80KM ride at 12 midnight. The participants of the 120KM ride category are expected to complete the ride by 10.00 am on Sunday, 7 May.

On 7 May, the 40KM will be flagged-off at 7.00am followed by the flag-off of the 15KM Young Riders' Category. The Prize Giving Ceremony will be at 4.30pm, after the vet gate closes.

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You may also log onto our website at www.edaranendurance.com for more information.

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