Kathryn Downs Pygmalion
Joseph Mattingley SA Laribou
Stephen Rojek Finch
Christoph Schork Taj Rai Hasan
Margaret Sleeper DVM Shyrocco Troilus
Jennifer Niehaus
Cheyenne XII

Aug.16 - Barn, Trot-outs,Ride

Aug.15 - Welcome Buffet at
Hotel Buschhausen

Aug.13 - USA Stable

  • USEF Report - Photos and Article
  • Aug 12. Rain, and More Aachen moments
  • Aug 12. Belgian Chocoloate
  • Aug 10. Update and photos from Dinah, Transport and Arrival
  • Aug 7. Update from Dinah
  • Aug 5. Update from Dinah
  • Kathryn Downs and Pygmalion. photo by Genie Steward Spears
    Kathryn Downs and Pygmalion
    Joe Mattingley and SA Laribou. photo by Genie Steward Spears
    Joe Mattingley and SA Laribou
    Steve Rojek and Finch. photo by Genie Stewart Spears
    Steve Rojek and Finch
    Christoph Schork and Taj Rai Hasan. photo by Hughes Photography
    Christoph Schork and Taj Rai Hasan
    Meg Sleeper and Shyrocco Troilus. photo by Genie Stewart Spears
    Meg Sleeper and Shyrocco Troilus

    Jennifer Niehaus and Cheyenne XII

    Cheers to Hotel Buschhausen!

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