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      The Fair
      Local Time 2:33 p.m. Monday Aug 14. Rain and Wind.
      Sunday, the riders got trucked up to The Point and explored another section of trail. Jane and I cycled to the Stadium and didn’t stop at the internet café because it had Sunday hours. We couldn’t get in till the afternoon. So, went on the hwy to the Stadium, and from there returned via trail, more or less. Encountered tons of cyclists, and walkers. We actuallz gave directions to one set of walkers!! We came slowly down a nasty corner on a downhill and a couple asked us (in Dutch) if they were near Bucholtz. I took out the map and showed them where they were. That was fun. Ok,.... that gives the impression we understood Dutch… hahaha… but no…, they asked “Bucholtz”??? fingers pointing in two directions. Sign language and facial expressions are very good communicators...

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