RO Fabiola - World's Fastest Endurance Horse. photo by Luft Peterson
RO Fabiola - World's Fastest Endurance Horse
Photo by Luft Peterson

The Fastest Endurance Horse in the World

I'm still amazed at the level of competition that the UAE has achieved - the performances obtained by applying the highest levels of training, to the best natural equine athletes. This year's President's cup was won by Marzooq Salem Al Marri riding for Al Wathba Stables, on RO Fabiola an Argentine bred horse,in a record ride time of 7:02. Last year's President's Cup was won in a ride time of 07:20 by Abdul Rahim Hilal Al Junnebi riding RO Fabiola's brother, RO Super. RO Fabiola finished 3rd last year. (Another brother, an Anglo-Arab finished in the top ten). Same sire for these winning horses, same stable doing the training and competition. More than coincidence probably.

Two days ago, John and I toured the breeding farm, Haras Los Estribos, in Argentina that produced these winning siblings. We saw the very impressive sire, and we saw a full brother to RO Fabiola - who at only 6 months already had the 'look of eagles'. He came bolting into the pen where we were all standing, pranced around us, totally full of himself, then tail-high went running back out to join his weanling band. Almost all of the Haras Los Estribos horses that we saw have magic movement - not high or prancy, just low and effortless - huge reach from behind. And perfect legs. And low resting pulses... winning combination.


Sire of Winning Horses: Waalgram

Walgram, sire of RO Fabiola
and RO Super

Little brother to the fastest Endurance horse in the world

Little Brother to the world's
fastest Endurance horse

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HH President's Cup
February 17, 2005
Abu Dhabi, UAE

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