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February 14:Press Conference with Riders and Officials
February 14:Media Centre open - Endurance Village
February 15:Course visit
Chefs d'equipe and team vets meeting
Opening Ceremony and Dinner - Endurance Village
February 16:Pre-ride Inspection followed by Riders' weighing
14:00-15:30 - Quarantine Horses
15:30-17:00 - Local Horses
Riders briefing, chefs d'equipe meeting and team declaration
Press Release
February 17:Start of Ride - Endurance Village
Closure of Endurance Course
Judgement of Best Condition Horse
February 18:Medal ceremony, closing ceremony
February 19:Farewell Party for all Invited Guests

(*Subject To Change)
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HH President's Cup
February 17, 2005
Abu Dhabi, UAE

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