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One of the difficulties this year in determining participation in the HH President's Cup was the 3 weeks previous running of the World Endurance Championships. The Spanish Federation in particular, had a difficult problem in that the leading horses were focused on the WEC. The focus on the future (2005 European Championships and 2006 WEC) helped to determine the participation from Spain this year.

Jordi Francas Boix

Photo by Steph Teeter
There is one Spanish rider, Jordi Francas Boix, amongst the 29 international riders invited to compete in President of the UAE Endurance Cup. Boix lives near Barcelona and has three horses in training, two experienced and one novice.

In the Presidents Cup he rides Rai, on whom he finished 15th in the 160km ride at Gubbio in Italy last September. He is on the preselection list for the Spanish team for the Open European Championship in the UK this year and finished fourth last year in what many consider Spain's toughest ride, the 2day 100km + 100km ride staged at the coastal resort of Santa Susana in December.

This is the first time he has visited the UAE and will ride according to the conditions. He is having a wonderful time during his visit and travels with bright inner smile in his eyes!

The 2005 HH President's Cup event is sponsored by Omega, Emirates Call, United Design, Paris Gallery, Mercedes, Bovis Lend Lease, and Max Group.

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HH President's Cup
February 17, 2005
Abu Dhabi, UAE

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