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New Zealand

Feb 09 2005 - EVEI Media

Kevin James

Images by Gilly Wheeler
A sole rider, Kevin James, represents New Zealand in The Presidents Endurance Cup this year. James, who hail's from the South Island, was a top class marathon runner before he took up endurance in 1977. He adapted the knowledge he had gained as an athlete to work and train his horses to the same peak condition both physically and mentally to succeed in equine marathons of endurance. His basic principle is to establish a sound base of fitness and condition, then look ahead towards a twelve month goal.

James can be classed as a professional as his life is totally committed to endurance. He breeds endurance horses, he trains endurance horses, and he competes in endurance and advises developing endurance countries. Since 1977 he has won three National Championships and Team Gold at the 1998 World Championships in Dubai.

He was member of the New Zealand Squad this year but unfortunately James, alongside three other members of the New Zealand squad failed to finish.

Kevin's addiction to the sport is highlighted in that he is competing in New Zealand on the 12th of February, flies to the UAE on the 13th rides on the 17th returns to New Zealand on the 18th to ride in their South Island Championship on the 19th. He will once again be one of the favourites to win the New Zealand National Championship in March before he flies to South America in April to compete in the Open Pan American Endurance Championship.

James will be riding a horse from one of the Dubai Stables in the Presidents Cup. His dual National Championship winner Karamea Kazahni is now owned by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The 2005 HH President's Cup event is sponsored by Omega, Emirates Call, United Design, Paris Gallery, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Mercedes, Bovis Lend Lease, and Max Group.

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