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Feb 09 2005 - EVEI Media

Ulrike Pottrick, Dirk Franzel, and Ines Liskow
Photo by Gilly Wheeler
The three German horses arrived from deep snow and freezing temperatures to the contrasting heat of the desert on February 6th ,ready to compete in The President's Endurance Cup.

Ulrike Pottrick

The most experience German team is Ulrike Pottrick and her Anglo Arab El Encantador whom she purchased in 1994 when he was just four weeks old. They have successfully competed in Europe and Scandinavia, winning in 2003 the 2 x 60km Knuthenborg ride in Denmark and finished 21st in the Open European Championship in Ireland.

Pottrick has ridden since the age of four, she adored it then and is still totally committed now. She original competed in Dressage and Show Jumping but of her dressage horse, Red Wind Dancer proved to be too exuberant so she took him on an endurance ride at which he excelled, that was in 1989. In 1992 they finished 6th in the 160km German Championship and in 1994 were part of the German Team who finished 6th at the World Championship in Holland.

In addition to El Encantador Pottrick has two six years old she has just started training and a three year old. She lives just south of Hanover and is a lawyer by professional but is currently running a riding school for children which gives her more opportunity to spend time with her five year old son Robin. She hopes to be selected to represent Germany in the Open European Championship later this year. To ride in the desert of the Middle East has been her burning ambition for the past ten years.

Dirk Franzel

Dirk Franzel and his horse Kelim 7 arrived by air to the UAE. It was a new experience for them to fly. Dirk has ridden from an early age, not because his family was interested in horses, rather because that was his passion.

Franzel, an agricultural engineer, won his first ride at the age of 16, he has three horses in training, two of which are experience 160km horses and the third more suited to 100km. He rides the 13 year old grey gelding Kelim 7 in the Presidents Cup.

His best result was in 2002 when he was awarded the Long Distance Trophy having completed 4000km. In 2003 with Kelim 7 Franzel was 3rdnd in the Danish Championship and last year the pair were 4th in the 120km Nowecin ride in Poland, part of the series of the Central European Cup rides. Kelim 7, whom he has owned for eight years, also completed the 160km Tanneneck ride last year but in the slow time of 12.86kph.. They finished fifth the 2004 German rankings.

Ines Liskow

The third German rider, Ines Liskow, lives near Stuttgart and is totally involved with horses. She trains and sells endurance horse and schools problem horse. She started riding as soon as she could walk and endurance in 1991. She previously competed in Dressage and Show jumping which she finds boring compared to endurance.

Liskow has four horses in full training. Two, whom she purchased when they were 18 months old, in the 160km bracket and one at 120km standard and the other is competing at 80km.

The 13 year old mare Montana, whom she rides in the Presidents Cup is a part bred Arabian who won the final round of the Central European Cup at Goettingen in Germany over 120km. This is the first time Liskow and Montana have competed outside Europe and they have never taken on the challenge of desert conditions before. Liskow plans to average around 15/17kph over the 160km and finish which will promote her selected to ride in the Open European Championship this year. She would also love to compete at Florac, the famous ride in France

The 2005 HH President's Cup event is sponsored by Omega, Emirates Call, United Design, Paris Gallery, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Mercedes, Bovis Lend Lease, and Max Group.

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