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HH President's Cup Course Description

aaaaaa Dist.
Cum. Dist.
No. of
Time to
Hold Time
Vet Gate
Est. Arrival
Time (15km/h)
Est. Arrival
Time (24km/h)
VG-1 33 33 2 - 30 30 --
VG-2 32 65 2 - 30 30 --
VG-3 30 95 3 Yes 30 40 --
VG-4 24 119 3 Yes 30 40 --
VG-5 24 143 3 Yes 30 40 --
Finish 17 160 1 - 30 - 22:20

Trot Lanes at Endurance Village
The course at the Abu Dhabi Emirates International Endurance Village will be laid out in a sequence of 6 stages. The competitors will, at the end of each stage, present to a standard "Gate to Hold" for a mandatory rest and evaluation period. The competition clock will stop for each entrant when they pass through the In Time gate in to the hold area. They must then present their equine for evaluation of metabolic and mechanical characteristics within 30 minutes. Following the presentation of the equine to the evaluations, the hold time begins. This time varies with each phase (gate) the event.

Veterenary Hospital at EIEV

All details of the phases, metabolic criteria, hold times, and re-examination requirements will be reviewed by the veterinary and OC staff and are subject to change. This is to insure that environmental which may effect the safety of the competitors are considered.

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HH President's Cup
February 17, 2005
Abu Dhabi, UAE

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